Removing False Labels

All of us recognize the mischief—and even danger—that could be caused by a label which misrepresents the contents of a product. In the United States pure food and drug laws have been passed to protect the public. No longer are manufacturers free to mislead unwary consumers by the dishonest labeling of their products.

The Christian Scientist realizes the necessity of being on guard against false labels in every aspect of his experience. He is alert to check frequently the labels he has mentally placed on himself and his neighbor. Is he announcing his identity to the world in purely material terms? When he thinks of himself as a salesman, a housewife, a student, has he added more ingredients to these labels, such as "unsuccessful salesman," "overburdened housewife," "failing student"? To the extent that one identifies himself as a mortal, he places upon himself the limitation and insecurity of a mortal sense of existence.

January 21, 1967

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