Science and Morals

How can men be made better morally? When mankind solve this problem, they will have found the way to eliminate crime, overcome dishonesty in government, bring harmony to families and nations, establish equal rights for all. Religious and ethical systems have contributed substantially toward this end, but their successes have been limited.

Christian Science brings to mankind a scientific fact which makes possible the solution of the problem of morals. This fact is the direct connection between one's attitude toward matter and his moral behavior. Materialistic theories claim that men behave as they do because of their material origin and their material brain and nerve system. According to some of these theories morals evolve in a way that is similar to the evolution of organisms; therefore, they say, a moral code that is good for society at one period of history is not necessarily good for a later period. In other words, materialism claims to have a basis for demanding that morals be made to adjust to human behavior, rather than trying to make human behavior follow a moral code.

June 11, 1966

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