"Be a stranger to anxiety"

There are a number of instances in the Bible in which supply was made manifest solely through reliance upon God's ability to produce whatever was needful at the time. In each instance there is no mention in the Biblical accounts that there was any anxiety or any doubt that the supply would be there. In the wilderness Moses turned to God to feed his people when they hungered, and manna appeared for daily gathering. Centuries later, through the realization that supply is of God, therefore infinite, Christ Jesus fed five thousand people.

The desire to be fed and clothed adequately, to be engaged in useful and gainful occupation, and to pay our debts and obligations is right. This desire will be fulfilled as we see that supply is never contingent upon some person, place, or thing but upon the influx of spiritual ideas, whose source is inexhaustible Spirit. These ideas, when put into practice, bring daily supplies.

"Nearness, not distance"
October 29, 1966

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