Susan's Homework

[Of Special Interest to Children]

Susan liked going to school. She liked the work she had to do, and she did it well. But when Susan was in the fifth grade, she did not like the homework she had to do after school. She complained about the "terrible homework." She fussed over it and found so many things she would rather do that the work took several hours when she could have finished it in one hour. Even then the work was untidy and inaccurate, and she would sigh, "I can never play any more."

Susan was a pupil in the Christian Science Sunday School and knew that Christian Science could help her. She had used the truths taught in Sunday School, and once, when she had a cold, she was healed in a short time. She knew that God was ever present and that in reality she was His child; so she could express His qualities and nothing else. But the homework problem seemed a big one to Susan. As she became more unhappy about it, she also realized that something had to be done.

The Warmth of Christian Science
April 20, 1963

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