Because of a depletion of physical...

Because of a depletion of physical strength, about fifteen years ago, I was unable to continue in my regular work as a chemist employed by a large corporation. Medical treatment by some of our best physicians, including a major operation, failed to restore my health, and finally my own physician informed me that medicine could no longer help me. I asked him about psychiatry, but he would not recommend it for me. I saw all around me men and women twenty or thirty years older than I engaged in productive activity; so I began to look about to see what I did need.

Although I had been reared in a Christian home and had taken part in the activities of an orthodox church and Sunday School, there seemed to be something lacking in the teaching I received. About this time I found under my door a Scriptural tract which contained, among other things, the story of a famous surgeon who relied on prayer and meditation for inspiration and guidance in all his work. I enjoyed this story very much, and I suddenly found myself wondering what kind of literature the Christian Science church put out.

Testimony of Healing
My first healing in Christian Science...
April 6, 1963

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