My first healing in Christian Science...

My first healing in Christian Science took place early in my study of this wonderful religion. I was employed by a coal company in the repair shop, and my work was the repairing of all moving machines and other mechanical equipment. The company had installed a new type of coal-cutting machine at one of the mints. I was instructed by the superintendent to make a daily report on this machine for one week while it was in operation, and my working time was from 5 p.m. until early the next morning.

This machine was propelled along the bottom of the mine by a steel rope fastened to a steel drum, the other end being attached to a steel jack. In the course of time the result of the heavy strain on this machine became evident. I started to make my report of this condition when suddenly the steel jack broke loose and came sliding down the small incline, landing with its full weight on the instep of my right foot.

Signs of the Times
September 16, 1961

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