I first learned about Christian Science...

I first learned about Christian Science when I was in my late teens. At that time I thought it was something fine for the other members of my family, who had been led to it by a dear friend, but I felt that I could get along very nicely without it myself. Life to me then was full of material pleasures. However, some fifteen years later I found these pleasures far from satisfying, and I was unable to solve the problems they were presenting to me.

A sincere longing to know God better turned me to Christian Science. I began to attend a local branch church, purchased copies of the King James Version of the Bible, of the textbook by Mrs. Eddy, and of the Christian Science Quarterly. This enabled me to start on the most interesting and rewarding pursuit of my life.

Proportionately as I progressed in my study of Science, good came into my experience. Lack and inharmony caused by false traits of character, a desire to outline humanly, the social drinking and smoking habits, and the tendency to look to matter rather than to spiritual ideas for supply fell away when erroneous beliefs were replaced with the facts of God and man. My husband too became interested in Science; this resulted in much shared joy in our home and in branch church activities.

Testimony of Healing
I am grateful that I was able to...
October 7, 1961

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