Healings experienced in our...

Healings experienced in our family since Christian Science was introduced into it four generations ago include those of the overcoming of the smoking and drinking habits in several instances, as well as of a supposedly inherited illness, undesirable traits of character, discordant human relationships, the efforts of accidents, and so-called childhood diseases.

I myself was instantaneously healed of the smoking habit, which I had acquired during a period when I accepted a false standard of sophistication. This came about through the work of a Christian Science practitioner, who was helping me work out an entirely different problem. I have also been healed of toothache and a tendency to possessiveness. On the whole, I have had few physical problems to solve, and this must be attributed to the freedom from fear I have enjoyed as one brought up in Christian Science. For this freedom, I am most grateful.

Signs of the Times
October 7, 1961

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