I can recall many instances of...

I can recall many instances of healing which took place during my childhood solely through the application of the truth of Christian Science. At a very early age I was healed of a severe case of whooping cough. Colds, swollen and inflamed tonsils, so-called childhood diseases, fears, and many other conditions, including a broken collarbone, were speedily healed through an understanding of Christian Science.

I can recall several times when I was sent home from school because of swollen tonsils, Each time I was asked to retire to my room and to know the truth as I had been taught to do in the Christian Science Sunday School. Also, my mother called for the help of a Christian Science practitioner. The last I remember of this condition was that it was the cause of my absence from school for more than a week, The healing was accomplished through the good work of the practitioner, who helped us to know the true nature of man as the image and likeness of God.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has been a...
August 27, 1960

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