What Makes People Happy?

[Of Special Interest to Children]

When Karen was a little girl, she lived in a big city. On Sunday she went to a Christian Science Sunday School, and there she learned of God and of His love for all His children. She learned too that God gives His children nothing but good and that He keeps them always happy and well. She knew the First Commandment by heart (Ex. 20:3), "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." And she knew that this means that we have to put God first in everything we do.

She could also recite almost all of the second commandment and had begun to learn the Beatitudes—those beautiful verses from Christ Jesus' Sermon on the Mount that beging with the word "blessed" (see Matt. 5:3—11). Her Sunday School teacher explained to Karen that "blessed" is another word for "happy" and that we can always be happy if we are good and obedient and loving and meek.

"Good is not helpless"
November 12, 1960

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