Confronted by many difficulties, a student of Christian Science recalled an experience he had had years before. He was on night watch aboard a man-of-war, and the ship was navigating through a channel between islands, headed towards the open sea. Bad weather was coming up and, as often happens in the tropics, dark clouds made the sky and sea appear a mass of blackness. This induced a great sense of fear, but, after checking the position of the ship on the chart and controlling the course by the compass, he saw that all was safe even to material sense. He recognized the nothingness of mortal mind's illusive suggestion of fear. Peace and security were regained through the understanding of nautical science and its practice.

The student saw that just as he had made certain of his position and course as a naval officer, so now he must make certain of his position and course as a Christian Scientist. He must purify his thought by turning away from materiality to spirituality. He saw that his duty was to judge according to spiritual reality and to refute the lying testimony of the physical senses; that actually the only action is the all-inclusive activity of Spirit, and therefore his course was safe as he consecratedly applied his understanding of the facts of being. He declared that God, Mind, is One and All, and that man, spiritual and perfect, is inseparable from God. Resting in the knowledge of the allness of God, good, perceiving that the only thing that really goes on is the operation of the Principle which is Love, he experienced a great sense of freedom. False responsibility fell away as he went joyously on affirming the truth about God and man. Before the light of omnipotent Truth, the difficulties completely disappeared.

March 13, 1948

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