Our Past Belongs to God

Two Jerusalem cherry trees grew side by side in earthen pots. In the course of time, their cherries began to wither, and soon one tree had shaken itself free from them and begun to put forth new green shoots. The companion tree, however, kept its dried-up cherries, and that tree sent out no new branches.

So it is, when we cling to a material past. We are then unready for growth and development. "God requireth that which is past," saith the Scriptures (Eccl. 3:15). Indeed, God does require us to give Him the past—to relinquish a false sense of having been born into matter, of experiencing either a pleasant or an unpleasant life in matter, of living apart from God—and to recognize and rejoice in the spiritual preexistence and continual coexistence of our real selfhood with God, divine Mind.

Many of us readily admit and joyously accept the fact that the life of the man of God's creating is immortal, that is, not touched by death, not subject to termination or destruction. Are we equally as alert to recognize that the life of the real man is also without beginning?

True Ease or Rest
February 1, 1947

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