"Lift up thine eyes"

Repeatedly it is recorded in the Gospels that those whom Christ Jesus healed, as well as the onlooking multitudes, glorified God. To glorify means, in part, to adore and magnify. From this it may be concluded that by his healing works the Master directed thought to the supremacy of Spirit and to the glory of God and His creation.

With the aid of various material devices the scope of human vision is enlarged far beyond its ordinary capacity. For example, the tiny snowflake is found to possess beauty, intricacy, and singularity of design wholly imperceptible to the naked eye. Coal tar, obtained by the distillation of bituminous coal, is said to yield more than ten thousand colors, hues, and tones, though it appears almost devoid of all light and color. Such illustrations hint the magnitude of the grand realities that are unfolded through the perception of the things of Spirit.

God Holds My Hand
August 3, 1946

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