Spiritual Ideas Are Substance

"Mind creates His own likeness in ideas, and the substance of an idea is very far from being the supposed substance of non-intelligent matter." says Mary Baker Eddy on page 257 of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." Students of Christian Science need to understand and demonstrate this statement more fully in order to progress Truthward.

It is characteristic of the human or mortal mind to hold tenaciously to its belief of matter as substance, but Christian Science teaches logically that this belief is false. Advanced physical scientists are now admitting that matter has no property other than energy. The renowned physicist, Sir Arthur Eddington, of London, England, in his book entitled "The Nature of the Physical World," makes the following statement: "Substance is one of the greatest of our illusions."

"Unlabored motion"
March 23, 1946

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