"Nevertheless at thy word"

Obedience , perseverance, humility, a willingness to be shown, to be guided—these traits of true discipleship have always had their reward, and in no realm of activity is this fact more apparent than in the study of Christian Science. Those who are seeking to gain an understanding of Christian Science and its healing power are apt to state that they are students of Christian Science, rather than that they are Christian Scientists. The sincere seeker is the student first and always, and knows that he must let his daily living attest whether or not he is a Christian Scientist.

One may perceive that a thing must be true because of the proof he sees, yet without any comprehension of why it is true. When one seeks to know why it is true, he is on the path of studentship! When he finds why it is true, and accepts the fact with joy, exemplifying it in his daily living, he is on the path of discipleship. Mary Baker Eddy, the Leader of the Christian Science movement, has given mankind in her textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," the means whereby all may become students and disciples.

The Ascending Path
March 23, 1946

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