It is with the deepest gratitude...

It is with the deepest gratitude that I give this testimony, hoping that it may encourage others. Christian Science came to me fourteen years ago when I was in great need of God. Through prayer I was led to a house where a Sentinel, was given me to read, and I knew instantly it contained that for which I was seeking. After suffering severely from neuritis and wearing a medicated cotton wool jacket for eight years, I was told by a specialist that no more could be done for me. However, complete freedom was realized through Christian Science.

Recently I experienced another very convincing proof of the ever-availability of divine Love. In the early spring of 1944, after a very busy day, I walked in my sleep, and in the darkness fell down a flight of stairs. The pain was so severe that I had great difficulty in getting back to bed. My husband telephoned a practitioner, who came immediately. It was evident that the injury was severe, and I decided to call a doctor for an examination. On his advice I was removed to a hospital for an X ray. The next day I was told this showed a fractured vertebra, and the specialist who was called advised my immediate removal to an orthopedic hospital for a plaster cast. So much fear was expressed for my future that it seemed difficult for me to take my stand. I knew in my heart that Christian Science had never failed me, but I felt that I must have a little more time to think it all out clearly.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude...
March 16, 1946

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