I wish to express my gratitude...

I wish to express my gratitude for the many healings that have come to my family and me.

I should like to testify to a healing that a daughter of mine had recently through Christian Science. My daughter is not a Christian Scientist, though she has seen many healings and demonstrations take place in our home. She fell and broke her arm. A doctor was called, and after he examined the arm he said it was broken in two places between the elbow and the wrist. He applied a temporary splint, and said he would make arrangements for her to have an X ray taken the next morning. However, after the doctor left, my daughter suffered extreme pain and discomfort. She called me at my home and asked for Christian Science treatment. The doctor was immediately dismissed, and work in Christian Science was taken up by a practitioner. During this period the arm was carried in a sling, but the hand was constantly used, and at no time was there the least pain or discomfort. At the end of twenty days the arm was completely healed.

Love's Way
March 16, 1946

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