Spirituality—the Way of Progress

Man's unity with God is a basic spiritual fact in the Science of being. Nothing ever has changed or can change this fact, and its truth means nothing less than man's perfection, his God-likeness and God-given dominion over all the earth. It is the basis of demonstration in Christian Science, No wonder, then, that the realization and progressive demonstration of man's unity with God, Life and Love, satisfy human cravings with a higher, nobler purpose, in which the heart finds peace.

Men are taught from childhood that they are independent thinkers and doers; that they have minds and personalities of their own. From this premise it naturally follows that success in life is thought to depend largely upon the ability and application of these so-called minds. But false education along the lines of material systems and laws hampers one's expression of man's dominion. Moreover, the belief of a mind of one's own, separate from God, often induces fear lest one's ability successfully to accomplish the tasks or solve the problems that fall to one may prove inadequate. One instructed in Christian Science gains through prayer and spiritual understanding the conviction that all truth is of divine Mind, omnipotent and omnipresent; that man is one with this Mind; and that any error can only seem to exist as a false belief about what is true.

"The man whom ye seek"
February 23, 1946

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