An Obsolete Partnership

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Thus in the simple, clear, and decisive language of the Bible is declared the great fact of creation on which the words and works of Christ Jesus and the Science of his Christianity are based: one God, who is good; one creation, the effect of that good; pure Mind, and its pure and perfect ideas.

Later in the book of Genesis we are told of a mythical creation which appeared as the result of belief in a power divided against itself, an impossible copartnership between good and evil; that which in time came to be called mind and matter. From this suppositional partnership have arisen all the perplexities, ills, warfare, sin, disease, and death which largely constitute the experience of mankind —what is sometimes called the "riddle of the universe." Nothing can answer this riddle, or heal the ills resulting from this mythical partnership, but the wisdom and love of the divine Mind. This Mind has no partner, but is the one infinite God, including within Himself His own infinite creation. In this creation there is neither discord nor co-operation between Spirit and matter, good and evil. Duality, with all its idolatrous claims, its arrogance and weaknesses, is unknown.

November 25, 1944

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