Problems and Progress

[Written Especially for Young People]

When one is keenly interested in participating in any particular work or sport, he usually regards the difficulties in connection with it as a welcome opportunity to test his skill. The good golfer likes to play on a hazardous course, the music student to master technical difficulties, while the skilled manual worker or business person assumes with joy a more exacting or responsible position. So why should we, as Christian Scientists, ever feel dismayed when problems present themselves? Should we not rather regard them as tests of our present understanding, through which we shall progress to higher concepts of Truth?

Progress, as considered in Christian Science, relates to the stages of human experience by means of which the false gives place to the true. The real man does not progress toward a state of harmonious being, since he is already in full possession of all that constitutes the realization of infinite good. He can never be outside divine Principle, Love, which imparts health and abundance, and never fails to support and guide. Experience, when rightly viewed, brings the recognition of the perfection eternally established in divine Mind, and the progressive discernment of this fact by the human mind is genuine progress.

"The leaves of the tree"
February 14, 1942

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