Communicating Good

With so many facilities for rapid communication at hand, it is often found necessary to choose by which of the various methods we shall receive or give out news. Daily messages on the affairs of the world come to us through newspapers, radio, and by word of mouth. Often these communications seem pleasant, advantageous, alluring, exciting—sometimes disheartening; yet we need to be alert to recognize wherever suggestions of mortal mind tempt us to believe in a power apart from God.

Each moment in the day we can resolve to accept only the good as true. We can refuse to accept as real those communications which are not beneficial and rightly profitable, and can determine to shut out all thoughts which are not conducive to spiritual progress. Today, the many avenues of communication are filled with propaganda of various kinds, much of which is partisan and one-sided in its appeal.

A Lesson from Nature
September 30, 1939

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