Keeping Busy

In Christian Science the primal and highest activity is recognized as perpetual true witnessing, the maintaining of a pure state of consciousness, blessed in itself and blessed in its effect upon others. In "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" Mrs. Eddy writes (p. 252), "Keep yourselves busy with divine Love." Whoever follows this advice stands ready to help his fellows according to divine guidance, but is never a busybody, collecting and relaying useless or pernicious gossip. He disagrees with the material evidence of disease, despair, impoverishment, and holds to the availability of health, joy, abundance.

To keep oneself "busy with divine Love" means perpetually reflecting universal Love in order to awaken humanity from the nightmare of materiality and to release it from the discordant effects of false belief. In short, it means healing. It also means entertaining, in regard to others, only such thoughts as can profitably be entertained on one's own behalf. To the Christian Scientist, the unseen business of life is to go through each day maintaining in his consciousness the harmony and immortality of spiritual existence, and this is indicated in the definition of "Day" in Science and Health (p. 584). This way of keeping busy is open to each one and it is the sure way of finding heaven on earth.

The Awakening
September 24, 1938

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