"I shall not want"

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want," is an unqualified statement regarding divine Love's law of supply. Each individual should therefore apply the spiritual law, in order to break down and annul material beliefs of lack and depression, of disease, sorrow, and discouragement.

For centuries mankind has blindly accepted multitudinous evil conditions as real, as part of what is understood as life. Believing in what we see, hear, feel, we may be deceived by false material laws, and find ourselves entangled in one way or another in the network of belief in sin, sickness, poverty, accident, inharmony, death. But evil is not real. God, divine Love, is forever our Shepherd, and His law is eternal, changeless, good. Health, abundance, happiness, peace, harmony are divine gifts which belong to all of God's children.

The Need for Humility
September 24, 1938

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