Gratitude for the protection afforded me through Christian Science...

Gratitude for the protection afforded me through Christian Science prompts me again to testify to its efficacy through this medium, and I should like to relate the following incidents, which occurred some time ago.

One evening, upon leaving a Christian Science lecture, from which I had gained much enlightenment, courage, inspiration, and a sense of joy and happiness, I had walked but a block when, in crossing the street, I stepped in front of a truck. As the brim of my hat obstructed my view I did not see the truck until it struck me, and the driver, not seeing me until I appeared directly in front of him, did not have an opportunity to retard the speed of his machine. I was struck with such force that I was thrown some distance before falling to the pavement, when I then rolled over several times. My head struck the pavement or the truck, and I was stunned for the moment. The usual crowd quickly gathered around me and I was picked up. I stood for a few minutes where I was until I had regained my balance. Several persons insisted that I should be taken to a hospital immediately, but I refused to go. There was some little argument about this, but I continued to refuse. I was soon able to get on a bus and go to my home in an adjoining city. Due to the force with which I was thrown, I should have been seriously injured, but as a matter of fact I experienced only slight bruises and a sprained back, which were healed within a few days through my understanding of Christian Science.

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