It is a great joy for me to give this testimony

It is a great joy for me to give this testimony. In the year 1905 I was healed of a severe heart trouble. According to medical laws it was incurable, and when the last specialist came for a consultation he said, "She has only five days to live." Then Christian Science came into my life, and after I had had one treatment the palpitation and pain vanished, and instead of lying down all day I very soon took walks in all kinds of weather.

All these years God has been my only physician. The power of divine Love is unlimited. Recently, at night, an attack of grippe came on. Immediately I thought, There is only one grip, that is the grip of the arms of divine Love. My body was drawn up, and it seemed almost impossible to breathe. Three quarters of an hour passed. The whole time I was thinking, "Alone with my Father, no other power." But the condition grew increasingly severe, till it seemed as if I should die. Then I knew that I could never die; it was only false, human beliefs that could die, and I said, "Die ye; I cannot, because God alone is my Life." At once all fear of death and suffering disappeared, and I was healed.

Testimony of Healing
The experience of a family who, quite unconsciously,...
April 2, 1938

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