In April, 1934, I went to a dentist for work on an...

In April, 1934, I went to a dentist for work on an ulcerated front tooth. This dentist had done a good deal of work on my teeth over the previous fifteen years and also for my family. After he had treated the tooth for several weeks the ulceration was unchanged and he wished to extract. This I objected to, and decided to let another experienced, well-known dentist work on the tooth, for he assured me that in the twenty-five years of practicing he had been able to cure any ulcerated tooth. When he had given eleven treatments he admitted the condition of the tooth was unchanged, and asked if I would have an X ray taken of all the teeth in the upper jaw. The X ray was sent direct to the dentist. When it arrived, the dentist and his brother, who is a physician, examined it and got very much excited over the condition, deciding it was necessary to pull not only the affected tooth, but the one on each side of it, and also a tooth that had grown horizontally in the jaw above these teeth. They warned me that this was serious, and must be done at once.

I calmly told these men that I was going to have Christian Science treatment, at which they scoffed and said that would be ridiculous. Science, they said, might help one with mental or nervous trouble, but certainly could not help tooth trouble.

Testimony of Healing
For the manifold blessings which have come to me...
November 14, 1936

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