Listening for God's Voice

Every thinking person will surely admit that real Being exists, and that there is the truth about it. Christian Science is particularly strong on the point, declaring that real Being is God, making known the truth about Him, and assuring men that they can know this truth. In the midst of much uncertainty as to what is real and what unreal, it is with a great sense of gratitude that the student of Christian Science acknowledges the extraordinarily brilliant light which this Science sheds on real Being. And his gratitude is even enhanced when he comprehends how spiritual understanding, when applied, dispels the darkness of ignorance and deepens the sense of harmony and health.

God is all-inclusive Spirit or Mind; and, being all-inclusive, or infinite, He is omnipresent. Because God is Mind, His creation consists of spiritual ideas; and the sum of these is the compound idea, man. Man, thus, is the full expression of God; hence, man includes all the spiritual ideas which constitute God's creation. Thus, the real man may be regarded as "hearing" God's voice continually, since he never ceases to reflect or express God's ideas. He cannot possibly "hear" aught else, since only God and His ideas in reality exist.

Vigorous Efforts
February 2, 1935

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