In the year 1919 a doctor, whom my wife had called in...

In the year 1919 a doctor, whom my wife had called in to examine me on account of a long-continued cold, said that I had to go to a sanatorium, as I had developed tuberculosis. The specialist under whose care I was placed there, told me that the X-ray plates showed that the disease was in a "moderately advanced condition with a tendency to chronicity." For five years I took the cure, alternately hoping and fearing, with occasional spells when I was confined to bed for weeks at a time. At last, after a three months' attack, during which I could not leave the house, I was reduced to such a state of hopelessness I was convinced that cure for me was impossible, and that soon death would end the struggle.

It was while I was in this mental condition that a copy of Science and Health came into my hands. A young man brought it to the sanatorium where I was, and I overheard the patients discussing it. I knew nothing of Christian Science at this time, but asked if I might read the book, and it was kindly lent to me. I shall never forget my feelings when I read the first chapter, on Prayer. I saw there, with a conviction which nothing has since shaken, words which confirmed in my thought the vague gropings for the truth I had experienced during my sickness. I had been dissatisfied with the teachings of the orthodox churches, and attended services out of courtesy to the Anglican clergyman who was in the village. Now I read truths which satisfied my thought and showed me that God is ever consistent, and is Life, Truth, and Love. I read the book through in a few days, reread it, and read it again. Within a week I was out walking; in three months I was working, and for the past seven years have not missed a day from business.

February 2, 1935

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