"Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift." This...

"Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift." This gift is Christian Science, and we do indeed thank Him for the blessings it has brought into our lives.

A few years ago there was need of a sum of money, and an adjustment that should be made. This problem was of several years' standing, and all the human reasoning and figuring that could be brought to bear upon this problem did not bring about a proper solution. One day, while I was studying the article entitled "Angels" in "Miscellaneous Writings" (pp. 306, 307), a revelation of the truth and a spiritual insight into the meaning of those lines came to me so clearly that it would be hard to describe it. I reasoned something like this: If the statements contained in that article had not been positive, provable facts, Mrs. Eddy would never have written them. Then for whom did she write them? She had written them for me just as surely as though she were sitting there beside me, talking to me. For a few days these thoughts filled my consciousness and when I again thought of the puzzling problem it was to realize that a possible solution had come to me. The idea unfolded, and when the right time came, the human steps were taken, and later other forward steps. The solution or adjustment that was made at that time has proved to be a comfort and blessing not only to us but to others concerned. This was positive proof that God does give us "His spiritual ideas" (ibid.), and that we may use them in solving our most difficult problems.

One of our children was instantaneously healed of earache. He had spent many nights of his six years crying from the pain, but after this healing he never again was troubled. That was about sixteen years ago. Another one of our children was instantaneously healed when material sense testimony argued that he was passing on. About half an hour after a Christian Science treatment was given he was playing with the rest of the children. Many other blessings have come to us through Christian Science, such as the healing of a goiter, lessened fear, improved dispositions, more harmonious conditions in the home, and a greater appreciation of church membership.

Testimony of Healing
My homage first of all goes to divine Love, who heals...
February 2, 1935

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