I feel a veritable flood tide of gratitude when I think of...

I feel a veritable flood tide of gratitude when I think of the benefits which I have received through Christian Science. Until I received its blessings my whole existence was one of stress and strain. My earliest recollections of events as a child are associated with the severe head pains which so possessed me that I could not study my schoolbooks without having some material aid supplied; and I had to remain at home and lie down much of the time when not in school. My body was very much emaciated and I carried this pain, weakness, and emaciation through many years, until I reached the truth in Christian Science.

As I went through the phases of girlhood and womanhood I suffered from many additional ills, and yet I had to work and be financially responsible for others. Ultimately I became a nervous wreck, and was handed about from one specialist to another for tests and tryouts of their various systems. Every dollar I could earn or borrow, above mere living expenses, was spent in fruitless seeking for surcease from physical torture in some form.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to return thanks to our heavenly Father for the...
February 2, 1935

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