I wish to return thanks to our heavenly Father for the...

I wish to return thanks to our heavenly Father for the great benefits received since I became interested in Christian Science. This Science was brought to me in 1932 by a church member who kindly lent me a copy of the Rev. Lyman Powell's biography of Mrs. Eddy. After reading this book I had a desire to learn more about this Science, and upon making inquiries found that I could obtain the Christian Science textbook from the church Reading Room. Before I had read halfway through the book I realized I had found the truth.

My first demonstration was experienced in December, 1932, when, after I had suffered from neuritis for a week or so, the pain instantaneously left me early one morning upon my realizing the truth; and I have had no return of the pain since. Eye irritation caused by grit was also overcome on three occasions, without any material aids, by the realization of the nothingness of matter and the allness of God, good. Toothache and other aches and pains have also been overcome in a similar manner, and the taste for tobacco has left me.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for Christian Science
February 2, 1935

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