Our Holy Demonstration

When puzzled or dismayed by temptation, we may note with confidence that in the messages to the seven churches, found in the second and third chapters of Revelation, the uncovering of error and the demand for overcoming are accompanied by divine authority indicated in such words as, "These things saith the Son of God," or, "Let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches." We should always listen to the utterances of Spirit and of the Son of God, for thereby we can discover the remedy for any and every problem. We should determinedly look away from mortal thought-phantoms to the infinite divine Mind, in which they have no place. We should not mentally dwell with mesmeric fear on the belief to be overcome, but sacredly ponder the truth which obliterates false belief.

In this same chapter the sufficiency of spiritual power is conveyed through the symbolism of seven stars and seven golden candlesticks. In other words, we are to accept the fact that there is always a sufficiency of spiritual light to lead us on to triumphant demonstration and to illumine every step of our upward way.

Items of Interest
Items of Interest
September 10, 1932

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