False evidence can be destroyed by the substitution of true evidence. The ministry of Christ Jesus exemplified this method. Wherever the evidence of the corporeal senses seemed to show forth specific discord, there the Master, abiding with the things of Spirit, brought forth the evidence of life, sight, strength, intelligence, activity, purity. He reversed the objectified lie which argued that evil is present, and that the faculties of man are absent.

On page 8 of her Message to The Mother Church for 1902 Mrs. Eddy writes: "The life of Christ Jesus, his words and his deeds, demonstrate Love. We have no evidence of being Christian Scientists except we possess this inspiration, and its power to heal and to save." This inspiration, power, and evidence is, then, what the Christian Scientist lives to bring into manifestation both for his own benefit and that of others. Christian Science is not tentative: it is spiritually authoritative, and the Christian Scientist reflects this divine authority. All false evidence must, therefore, be rebuked with spiritual power and the immovable conviction of evil's illegitimacy. The great calm of Truth imparts its own calm to the true thinker. It is only false belief which is disturbed.

Calm Trust
April 4, 1931

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