Rising Above the Waters

The student of Christian Science finds much that is instructive in the narrative of Noah and the flood. This patriarch, it will be recalled, betaking himself to the ark which he had made at God's command, was borne upon the swelling tide till complete deliverance was attained on the mountain top, for then the waters receded and disappeared.

Others besides Noah and those of his day have had to face a deluge. All mankind, sooner or later, are subjected to the onslaughts of the baneful beliefs of the carnal mind, and are in need of succor. It is evident from the Scriptural account of the flood that the primal necessity was to keep above the waters. Those who failed to do this were destroyed. So the only safe course for flood-beset, tempest-tossed humanity is to enter into the ark of refuge from the sea of mortality, and then stay above the waters. Do the waves of error increase and mount upward? Then we must go yet higher to find salvation.

February 28, 1931

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