Possible and Impossible

When suffering from certain diseases or conditions labeled incurable by material systems, many have accepted the verdict that, for them, recovery is an impossibility. For their comfort, let them recall and apply to themselves the words of Christ Jesus, "The things which are impossible with men are possible with God." The power of limitless Spirit is not hampered by materiality, and in every case Truth's verdict alone is true. Therefore one should credit no other. Who would wish to appropriate to himself a lie against the truth of being? In Christian Science every phenomenon of material discord is dealt with and rebuked on the basis of its unreality, its disconnection with God, man, substance, law, legitimacy—in fact, its scientific impossibility.

To agree with the logic of this argument is not sufficient. Thought must be held to the premise of perfect God and man, to one perfect, sinless Mind, in order that whatever is basically wrong in one's thinking may be exposed, and exchanged for real, spiritual, pure, foundational thinking. From the foundation of Spirit nothing impure can spring. The basis of true thought is already established in divine Mind, for "other foundation can no man lay than that is laid." Nothing that God creates is either destructive or destructible. So one learns with unspeakable relief that liberation is to be found in reflecting real being wherein there is no defilement, but there is everlasting spiritual harmony for all. When tempted to think or act wrongfully, the Christian Scientist declares it to be an impossibility in Science. It is only when prodigal thought strays into the forbidden realm of unreality, materiality, that doubt usurps the place of faith and disobedience of obedience.

Mastery of One's Self
December 13, 1930

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