In your issue of the 4th inst. you report a doctor as...

Wharfedale and Airedale Observer

In your issue of the 4th inst. you report a doctor as claiming "that Christian Scientists lived in an entirely fantastic world. The Christian Scientist was a person who liked to live in a world where there was no disease and no pain." I should be glad if you would allow me space to correct this misconception.

In conformity with Christ Jesus we Christian Scientists seek the kingdom of God's creating, and, following his precepts, are directed Godward, where we find our true state of being to be spiritual, free from sin, sorrow, and disease.

We are assured, through the inspired pages of the Bible, that God is the only creator; therefore we conclude that God's creation is the only real creation. It is this conclusion which the doctor calls "entirely fantastic." Far from being such, it is a recognition of the truth of being, which is opposed to all illusion. By illusion we mean anything that appears real to men, but is not known to God. Jesus said, "I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil; and he healed "all manner of disease among the people," thus proving the illusive nature of the world's woes.

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