When I accepted Christian Science it was indeed a case...

When I accepted Christian Science it was indeed a case of man's extremity being God's opportunity; for I had doctored with some of the best and most conscientious doctors, who advised me not to submit to an operation. Where was I to turn? Medicine had failed; and I indeed felt very much of a failure, as I had a little daughter who needed my care, as well as my husband and my mother. In this condition I asked for absent treatment in Christian Science, and I was at once healed of many very discordant conditions: constipation in a severe form, pain in the top of my head and eyes, and of nervousness and weakness which had prevented my being able to do much work. The condition which caused the most fear was the last to be healed; and I am grateful to the several Christian Science practitioners who helped me with this, for through their help I finally realized that I did not have to be healed of anything except my own wrong thinking.

Our son was born shortly after my coming into Christian Science, and for the past nine years the children and I have not known any help other than Christian Science. I feel I was put to a severe test while very young in the study. Our little daughter was suddenly taken ill, and seemed to be passing on. As I ran across the street to a practitioner, I declared, "I can trust God; He is all-powerful." She showed signs of life very shortly after the practitioner came, but was unconscious all day. The family, however, became peaceful, as the awful fear had been broken; and that evening it seemed as if she awoke from a dream, perfectly healed. Words fail to express my gratitude for this and many other wonderful healings we have had in our home.

I should like to tell of a healing of our son, who, when a baby, suddenly began screaming pitifully and holding his hand to his ear. My desire was to call a practitioner, but I was too fearful to carry him through a storm to a neighbor's where I could telephone, and still more fearful to leave him alone. Again fear was magnified—fear of my limited understanding of the truth; but by trying to realize the truth I was putting into practice I was made happy. I walked the floor with him repeating "the scientific statement of being," as found on page 468 of "Science and Health withKey to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, until he became somewhat quieted; then I began singing our Leader's hymn commencing, "Shepherd, show me how to go" (Poems, p. 14). In a short time he fell asleep, healed.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a feeling of deepest gratitude that I express...
March 16, 1929

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