I was healed in about three hours of the effects of an...

I was healed in about three hours of the effects of an accident. I fell from a street car, striking my head, and was rendered unconscious; for fifteen or twenty minutes there was seemingly little or no breath in me. Thanks be to God for His ever present help, and for the unfailing truth that the perfect image of God is immune from all inharmony, discord, and disease! On page 316 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy writes: "The Christ-idea, or the Christ-man, rose higher to human view because of the crucifixion, and thus proved that Truth was the master of death. Christ presents the indestructible man, whom Spirit creates, constitutes, and governs." I am grateful to one who was with me at the time of the accident, and who realized the allness of God, good, and the nothingness of error, and held to the recognition of "perfect God and perfect man," as taught by Mrs. Eddy (ibid., p. 259). On page 427 of Science and Health we read, "Man's individual being can no more die nor disappear in unconsciousness than can Soul, for both are immortal." By clinging steadfastly to God and His perfect idea I was healed in three hours, to the extent that I ministered to my husband, who had collapsed when I was taken home. I also read Science and Health before retiring for the night, and slept well. I was up at the usual time the next morning, and continued to do my housework without any further trouble. I am indeed grateful to God for the Christ, Truth, that heals and saves.

(Mrs.)Anna Connor, Denver, Colorado.

Testimony of Healing
I received my early training in the United Brethren Church...
March 16, 1929

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