There appeared in a recent issue of your esteemed paper...


There appeared in a recent issue of your esteemed paper a reprint of an article in the Toronto Mail & Empire, which article dealt with a book entitled, "The Medical Follies." The author's views on medical matters are quite interesting, especially as tending to show the modern trend of resistance against the domination by one school of medicine. However, I am not concerned with these views at present, but should appreciate an opportunity to disabuse the minds of your readers of the false impression given by the writer that Christian Science is only a theory, and a very questionable theory at that! Why the writer should suppose (as he states) that most people have the idea "that Christian Science, osteopathy, homeopathy, etc., are theories like the theory that there is a continent somewhere near the North Pole, or that the earth is flat," is beyond my comprehension. Possibly he may hold this notion himself, but he is taking a good deal for granted in assuming that "most people" think likewise. Or was he trying to convey the impression, in a very subtle manner, that Christian Science has no more foundation in fact than the exploded theories mentioned?

A perusal of our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, will show any candid inquirer how unfortunate the writer of the article was in his choice of similitudes. If he had likened Christian Science to the science of mathematics he would have been nearer the mark; for just as the demonstration or proof of mathematics depends upon the mathematician's grasp (or understanding) of the rules governing any given problem, so does the demonstration or proof of Christian Science depend upon the Christian Scientist's knowledge and understanding of the Principle and rules of this religion. In neither case is it a matter of guesswork, but of understanding; and in both cases the greater the understanding of the operator, the more ease with which difficult problems can be tackled and solved. Far from being a merely theoretical religion, tens of thousands of Christian Scientists all over the world are applying, daily, their understanding of it to the solution of problems of every kind,—business, domestic, financial,—as well as to the healing of all kinds of physical ailments. Although the healing of disease is not the chief aim in Christian Science, but rather the healing of sin, nevertheless, physical healing is one of the "signs following" promised by our Master when he said, "And these signs shall follow them that believe."

November 10, 1928

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