A Sure Foundation

On page 368 of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mrs. Eddy writes, "When fear disappears, the foundation of disease is gone." She also says (ibid., p. 411): "The procuring cause and foundation of all sickness is fear, ignorance, or sin. Disease is always induced by a false sense mentally entertained, not destroyed." Fear, then, is one of the false foundations upon which disease is built, an element of all discord; and it arises from belief in a power other than good, in something which may claim to come upon us all unseen and take from us our harmony. Or, again, fear may be induced by belief in the possibility of some form of loss—loss of health, loss of peace, loss of happiness, loss of supply, the very opposite of what the Bible declares to be man's goodly heritage. It is of the utmost importance, therefore, to change the foundation of thinking from a foundation of fear to the basis on which Jesus explained his cures, and there to build our house, our consciousness, so that when the storm of seeming trial rises we shall remain steadfast, unmoved, knowing that evil has no reality and cannot even claim to manifest itself.

Now it is easy for one to say to the sufferer that he must not fear; but trials appear to be so real to human sense that it often seems almost, if not quite, impossible not to fear them. They often claim to be around us, whichever way we may look; how, then, are we going to unsee them, and cease our fearing? To begin with, let us try to understand that it is fear that has caused the seeming condition, and not the condition that has caused the fear. We do not, therefore, have to grapple with effects, but with false fears behind discordant conditions; and the moment we cast out fear, knowing it to be nothing but a belief of mortal mind without foundation, without a cause, without anything to sustain or uphold it, at that moment we destroy the seeming condition which the fear has occasioned.

Discord of every description, however large and menacing it may appear to be, has no reality; for God did not make it. It does not exist in the one Mind; it is therefore unknown to Mind. Perfect Love is conscious of Perfection, and of nothing else. The real universe is the expression of God. Spiritual existence is thus the expression of divine Being. How exquisite it must in reality be; and how permanent in its perfection! God is the one intelligence; and in divine Science man reflects this intelligence and knows Him only, even infinite good, here and everywhere and always. It is impossible to know anything that divine Mind does not know, for man has "the mind of the Lord," the consciousness of good. Our Father-Mother God is infinitely harmonious; and this statement covers all human need. God is All-in-all, the only, the infinite, the absolute One, the only creator, the only cause; and He is harmonious. It follows, then, that there is no room for anything which claims to be discordant, no place for the false sense of fear.

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From the Hand of This Philistine
November 10, 1928

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