The Theology of Jesus

That Jesus had a very definite theology is a fact to which men are not always awake. Too often they have imagined that Jesus' work was accomplished in a supernatural way—that something more or less haphazard attended his marvelous performance. They have believed that his so-called miracles were done by some mysterious power merely as occasion demanded, and that therefore there was back of them no positive rule or law, no Science, which could be demonstrated by others if they but had the same understanding Jesus possessed. Neither have men stopped to consider that the accepted definition of theology is "the science of God or of religion," and that religion is defined as "Christian faith and practice."

In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 138) Mrs. Eddy, its author, writes, "Jesus established in the Christian era the precedent for all Christianity, theology, and healing;" hence Christian Science teaches that Jesus had a very positive theology, which is indissolubly connected—associated—with both Christianity and healing. Indeed, the three can never be disunited; they can never be torn apart, but must ever work together, showing forth that religion of "Christian faith and practice" which always belongs to the theology which is veritably "the science of God."

Among the Churches
October 8, 1927

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