One Universal Journey

All mankind is believed to be taking the same journey. Material sense says it is a journey from the credle to the grave; and all are supposed to have similar experiences along the way, some pleasant, some otherwise—but generally otherwise! The journey is said to be an inevitable one, although it is believed that all have entered upon it without their own consent, and are being carried along its pathway, willy-nilly, without the right or ability to say or do anything in refutation of certain demands that men are taught they cannot and should not understand. Ignorance is the one companion always in evidence, and there is much stumbling in the blindness that ignorance always induces.

How different is the universal journey of which Christian Science speaks! This journey is, to be sure, inevitable, since all must sooner or later take it. It, however, immediately begins to blot out belief in the one which material sense talks about, for it is exactly the reverse of the latter. This journey which Christian Science reveals leads from death to Life, from the ignorant, lying arguments of a temportal existence in matter, attended constantly by evil and its outrageous claims, to the intelligent understanding of unending life in God, who is Life itself, where good and good alone exists. Christian Scientists welcome with joy the possibilities of turning from a journey so closely entwined with evil to one which they know is to lead them continually into closer association with good. They know that Jesus traversed the entire distance in a glorious, triumphant manner, and that his whole journey was marked by blessing not only to himself but to all with whom he came in contact.

Admission to The Mother Church
October 10, 1925

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