I wish to offer this testimony in gratitude for all that...

I wish to offer this testimony in gratitude for all that Christian Science has given me. When I first heard of it I was unhappy and dissatisfied. I tried to find something in the teachings of my church that would help me, and went regularly to the services, hoping I should hear something in the sermons preached which I could lay hold of and use every day in the week; but I always found that there was little in what I heard which could be put into practice, which would help me to overcome faults of character and to face the difficulties that had to be contended with at home, such as a sense of lack and of inharmony. Then I began to be interested in Christian Science; and this, of course, was what I was seeking for, thought I did not know it then. I found it to be a religion which satisfied, a practical religion for daily use, not only for Sundays. Christian Science has been my only help since then in every kind of trouble, and has never failed me when I have honestly applied it.

Last summer I had a very wonderful proof of the healing power of Truth in the case of an accident. My sister and I were walking across some fields in the country, and we had some rather awkward stiles to climb in order to cross the railway line. I had climbed them before without much difficulty; but on this occasion, when returning home, as the stile on the far side went sheer down without any slope at all, I thought it woudl be easier to jump from the top bar. As I did so my skirt caught on the top of the post at the side, and before I could release it myself it tore and I fell, landing on my face on the cinder path below. The force of the fall at first stunned me; but as I heard some one who came up say something about a bad fall, I immediately declared the truth and got to my feet. My nose and mouth were bleeding, and bits of grit from the path seemed embedded in my skin. We were about fifteen minutes' walk from the house.

Testimony of Healing
In the summer of 1918, I experienced the healing power...
October 10, 1925

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