After spending ten years in a weary search for health...

After spending ten years in a weary search for health among material remedies, consulting the best specialists in the East for heart, nerve, and stomach trouble, I came from the East to the mountains of Washington in the hope that the climate might effect the needed change. Instead of being better, as I had hoped, I was rather worse, having had one more burden added to my already heavy load—that of homesickness. It was at this time that I ran across a Christian Science missionary in the form of a Christian Science periodical; and after reading two testimonies, I felt that I had learned more about God than in all my previous life, as these testimonies brought out and supported logically the truth about the God that Jesus knew and that I longed to know. Instead of continuing to read, I consulted one whose opinion I valued, and received only ridicule. Thinking that in my desperation I was clinging to a straw, I looked no more at the periodical, but endeavored to forget Christian Science altogether. This I could not do, however, as the seed of Truth had been planted in my consciousness; and in moments of greatest suffering, my one desire was to know for myself what Christian Science was. The Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, tells us (p. 1), "Desire is prayer;" and my prayer was answered. Shortly after this we went very unexpectedly to a small town on Vancouver Island where a student of Christian Science was visiting, and she, knowing my great need, availed herself of the first opportunity to offer me this healing truth. She supplied me with literature and a textbook until such time as I would not be without them myself; and the revelation contained therein was nothing less than wonderful. My whole mental outlook was changed, and I experienced a beautiful healing.

Before I took up the study of Christian Science, two sisters had passed on, and the sorrow and gloom cast over our home them seemed to have remained a great deal in my thought, until healed by the truths of Christian Science. Since that time I have had occasion to test the healing power of Christian Science over sorrow at the passing on of my father, mother, and husband, within a comparatively short space of time; and it would be impossible for me to tell of the comforting and sustaining power of God as revealed to me through Christian Science, of the courage and confidence He gave me to go forward and do what I was called upon to do. In this latter experience, which occurred some nine years ago, not only was there very deep sorrow and loss, but the source of my supply seemed gone, leaving me with two small children and with little to support them but a working knowledge of Christian Science. This, as time went on, I found to be the most valuable asset I could have had, so that our every need has been taken care of.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for the healing activity...
October 10, 1925

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