"Ho, every one that thirsteth"

In accordance with Article XXXII, Section 4, of the Manual of The Mother Church, Christian Science churches offer to their communities and neighbors at least one Christian Science lecture during the year. What is it that impels this? Do we, as members, feel that it is a duty demanded of us? Or is it rather that we realize that in participating in such an event we are availing ourselves of a great opportunity? The true motive which impels a church to call a lecturer and invite the public to hear him, is love, the fervent desire to bless humanity, to share with others the blessing which Christian Science is to us.

How often have our tongues faltered before the questioning of those new to Christian Science! How many times have we wished that some one with more experience might satisfy their needs! The personal witness which each Christian Scientist must bear to Truth is indispensable; yet our hearts leap up with gratitude that through Mrs. Eddy's carefully wrought-out plan for a Board of Lectureship, we have the opportunity to offer to those who are seeking information an impersonal, convincing statement of Christian Science in the form of a Christian Science lecture. Such a lecture is a great event to the members of the branch church; but our joy in hearing the good news will not be primarily for ourselves, but rather for those present who are unfamiliar with Christian Science, or who are taking the first footsteps toward it.

The Concluding Beatitude
October 10, 1925

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