My first thought of Christian Science was lightly impressed...

My first thought of Christian Science was lightly impressed upon me at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. There was a Congress of Religions. Among them Christian Science was listed, and a representative of Mrs. Eddy was one of the speakers; but I did not hear the subject discussed further until six years later. My wife was then afflicted with what the doctors named bronchial catarrh. Physicians gave her no relief, and she rapidly failed in health. Through the kindness of a Christian Science neighbor we decided to try the merits of this new revelation. Treatments were given by a student of Mrs, Eddy. No immediate help came. I attended the testimony meetings in every city I visited, to see and hear how the healing was done. The healing was a mystery to me, but the ethical and spiritual interpretation of the Bible appealed to me strongly from the very first. However, I could see no improvement in my wife's condition, which greatly alarmed me. On a business trip to New York I consulted a practitioner, who told me my anxiety for my wife was hindering the healing. He took the case, and the healing occurred at that hour, a thousand miles from the patient. There has been no recurrence to this day.

That opened my eyes. I began to see the force of Mrs. Eddy's interpretation of the Bible, which, in many respects, had been before a closed book to me. Then I became a member of the Christian Science church in this city. Many and varied have been the tests of my understanding owing to the inharmonies that beset my pathway. I suffered from a highly nervous temperament, sick headaches, constipation, dyspepsia, stomach trouble, self-condemnation, criticism of others, and much other wrong thinking. All these faded away gradually, but effectively. Through an accident, I suffered from a rupture for four years. I had some treatments for the hernia, but it grew worse until it was a burden to me. It was a problem I had to work out for myself. I finally removed the truss, and found myself perfectly healed, though two weeks before, the trouble had been worse than ever.

April 26, 1924

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