Observance and Obedience

A FOOT traveler, asleep by the roadside, was awakened by a passing vehicle and inquired the way to a certain village. After being shown the road, he prepared to resume his slumbers. Thereupon his informant asked why he did not walk the road upon being shown the way. "I do not wish to walk it; I simply wish to see it," was the sleepy rejoinder.

How many in the study of God's law say, "Yes, I see it," as some truth is unfolded; and stop there? It is necessary to see the truth; but that vision calls for obedience thereto. We may through spiritual sense see that man is the perfect idea of God; but does our living correspond to that truth? In other words, obedience must always follow the perception of the truth; or we are like the wanderer by the wayside, content with seeing the way, but with no intention of walking therein.

Elijah on Mount Horeb
March 15, 1924

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