In Christian Science

What the Christian Science movement needs to-day is more working Christian Scientists,—those who have attained a degree of spiritual understanding and can consistently say that they are "in Christian Science." It is the worker who takes the statements of truth, meditates upon them, and makes them his own by proving them demonstrable. The believer reads about Christian Science, accepts what appeals to his sense of things, but lacks the inspiration to prove the truth of what he believes. It is this state of mentality that too often finds its way to the practitioner to work for it, and perhaps murmurs because of its slow progress.

Believing Christian Scientists are rapidly coming into our churches, while the percentage of real workers is smaller than it should be. In order to avoid unnecessary experiences and to protect the church from the growing wave of popularity, the standard for church membership must constantly be guarded. The indulgence of habits incompatible with a Christian life should be honestly dealt with and mastered prior to seeking membership in the Christian Science church. Those who love the Cause of Christian Science with their whole hearts will do all in their power to conquer for themselves and for others the depraved appetite for all kinds of drink and narcotics, as a fit preparation for assuming the responsibilities of church membership. A degrading habit that never did and never will accomplish any good for men or women is no part of morality or religion. The sooner it is excluded from one's concept of Christian Science, the sooner will this one find himself in Christian Science.

"They lacked nothing"
March 15, 1924

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