Whatever the writer, in a recent issue of your paper,...

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Whatever the writer, in a recent issue of your paper, means by "real science," near the conclusion of his editorial he says, "Fear is a great force, but will-power is greater," and the questions naturally arise: Is will-power a science, and does it overcome fear? A Christian Scientist would say "no" to both questions, and with decided emphasis. That Christian Scientists lay great stress upon overcoming fear is true; for they, perhaps more than others, have been taught to recognize the fact that fear is responsible for nearly all sin, sickness, poverty, business failures, and human misery generally, and that whatever will destroy this enemy of mankind will practically save the whole race. Christian Scientists are therefore to be found in the front ranks fighting the foe. They have become adherents of Christian Science because they have found Christian Science the most effectual means of accomplishing this end; and the reason is that Christian Science is real Science, having a demonstrable and scientific basis, a basis which is the very opposite of a material science, so called, or of human will.

Will-power is a kingdom divided against itself. The exercise of will-power in most cases is caused and governed by fear. It claims to be equally available for evil or good purposes. Will-power is responsible for the recent World War and all its ill consequences. The most interesting point of the question arises from the understanding that will-power becomes utterly useless whenever the truth of any question becomes apparent. No mathematical proposition is ever solved by will-power, but by understanding the governing rules. Christ Jesus, "the most scientific man that ever trod the globe" (Science and Health, p. 313), said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Christian Science overcomes fear from the standpoint of Truth alone, and this gives its method not only a scientific basis but the only scientific basis. This in no respect controverts the statement of the beloved disciple that "perfect love casteth out fear." Rather does it show that Truth and Love in a spiritual and scientific sense are synonymous terms, since Truth, like Love, "never faileth."

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