If it were possible to speak a good word about error, one might assert that error is a consummately good fighter. But even this statement would immediately be stripped of its seeming praise, since all that error ever fights against is goodness, and it is self-evident that no fighter of good could really be a good fighter. Every characteristic which makes for the destruction of good is necessarily devoid of any excellence. Yet whoever has striven to eliminate a sense of the reality and potency of evil has seemed to be struggling with an adversary of no mean caliber. To defeat this enemy requires not only the exercise of all of man's reflected strength, but also the watchfulness, the wisdom, and the complete thoroughness which are involved in the command given by Jesus to love the Lord with all the heart and soul and mind. Jesus to love the Lord with all the heart and soul and mind.

Of course the basic truth expressed in the statement, ''I am the Lord, and there is none else,'' disposes of the contradictory belief in the existence of any other power. Here the question naturally presents itself: Since the allness of omnipotent good necessitates the nothingness of its opposite, evil, why should there be any need to fight at all? Logically, there is nothing against which to fight. That is perfectly true, and when the unclouded comprehension of this fact abides with one, when one is never tempted for an instant to believe in any causation outside of infinite Life, all the fight that ever was will have been won. At that moment heaven is attained, for heaven is reality manifest. Until that constant clarity of spiritual vision is achieved, the warfare goes on,—not, indeed, with any adversary having the might of actuality but with the preposterous shadows of utter falsity, impostors claiming for themselves every prerogative of Deity.

Christian Science versus Human Will
January 28, 1922

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